Welcome to Xenia Linux

A new Linux distribution based on Gentoo, that provides an immutable rootFS and a dynamic filesystem with LVM. Features the forgotten Linux mascot, Xenia.

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Xenia Linux is based on Gentoo Linux, a distribution that is known for its flexibility and customization.

Xenia features an immutable rootFS, not too dissimilar from distributions such as Fedora Silverblue. The root is stored as a squashFS which is mounted on boot by our custom initramfs.

Currently, Xenia Linux is in the very early stages of development, however you can keep updated on the project through our GitLab repo, as well as installing Xenia Linux through the instructions provided.

Who we are

Xenia Linux is a project created by Jack and Luna.

We are two friends who look to develop a new, usable distribution for advanced Linux enthusiasts to use and enjoy.


Xenia Linux 0.2 'Cerberus' has been released! You can install it following the instuctions at our GitLab repo, you can access the repository hosting the root.img files here.


Hey, here's a brief explanation of what's changed. We've added Distrobox to allow for containerised environments for users to install programs in, we've also added some small changes under the hood so that configuration changes persist across reboots (e.g. Password Changes, Network Info, etc...)

Hope you enjoy this new version as much as we enjoyed developing it!


Xenia Linux is based on the Gentoo Linux project and makes use of the Xenia Mascot originally designed in 1996 by Alan Mackey as an alternative to Tux.

Xenia Linux makes use of a custom build of Neofetch which contains support for recognising Xenia Linux, and is to have a pull request created soon to have it added to the official repository.

The art used for Xenia Linux in both the logo, and the custom Neofetch fork was designed by the user @ioletsgo who has given us permission to use their art in this project.

- Developers

- Luna - Co-Founder - Lead Developer

- Jack - Co-Founder - Lead Branding and Web Developer